Sunday, September 11, 2011

DJ PUREVILE! Setlist for DISKO NOUVEAUX September 10th!!!!

So a slightly smaller crowd that usual but no less enthusiastic at DISKO NOUVEAUX last night!!! Special thanks to DJ Hi Fi Hillary for making a GRAND return and for DJ JEFFO! and his triumphant first time!!!! You both had AMAZING sets...and the intrest of continuity...heres my setlist!!!! Thanks also to Sandra our door girl and to My girl Shien Lee for being such a wonderful partner!!!

and SPECIAL thanks go to my friend Gerald...without whom none of the music you hear from me would have been possible due to a computer problem!!! Your truly saved me!!!!


Chinese eyes-Fancy
cheri cheri lady-modern talking
one of our submarines-thomas dolby
life in tokyo-japan
voice-poeme electronique
we came to dance-ultravox
i engineer-animotion
fools-depeche mode
escalator of life-robert hazard
target for life-our daughters wedding

night people-human league
waiting{solvent remix}-my robot friend
studio hair gel-barcelona
her body,my soul-OMD
no memory-scarlet fantastic
until december{blue remix]-until december
two divided by zero-pet shop boys
wonderful life{aurther baker remix}-Hurts
somewhere strange-mirrors
dance with me-alphaville

love and pride-king
wham rap-wham
harley david{son of a bitch}-bollock brothers
World Destruction{featuring John Lydon}-Time Zone
the war song {ultimate dance mix}-culture club

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  1. Pssshhhhhh, I looked! Dammit. Why do I torture myself??? I sooOOoooo wanted to be there. Got stuck late recording my band's album. :(