Sunday, October 26, 2014

SALVATION: the Set List from my FIRST Halloween Party!

I was really honored to get to spin at Salvation last night and to kick off the start of what will be MANY Halloween parties....

I tried to play ALOT of "new" things as well as sprinkle in some classics for the kids....people danced and hopefully heard something new {and LOCAL} too!!!
So heres my set lists!!! thanks again Joe and Patrick!!! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!



Death Day: Dropped into obscurity
Screaming for Emily: Last goodbye
God Made the World: Cold Cave
Thirteen at Midnight: Other Passangers
I Wanna Be you: Your funeral
One Thousand Nights: the Hunt
Love Lies Bleeding: Thurgist


Mouth to Mouth: the Harrow
Broken English: Azar Swan
Song from the Edge of the World: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Don't Move: the Twilight Sad 
Performance: Tones on Tail
End of Days" Light Asylum
Kiss them for Me: School of Seven Bells

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