Thursday, November 21, 2013

A World on Your Finger: the Gobsmacking Beautiful Jewelry of Istambul Designer Sevan Bicakci

This morning i stumbled across the jewelry of Sevan Bicakci and was literally gobsmacked!!!! The HUGENESS of the pieces yet the insane artisinal intricacies!!! hand wright and sculpted...hand painted and layers...So complex and magically a miniature scene from movie.... Mosques and temples battle for attention with butterflies and doves seemingly trapped within precious jewels....The detail is mind blowing and i still cannot wrap my head around the intricacies of these beauties!!!! i want them ALL!!!! 

I also came across this amazing video which is a small peek into his atelier!!! It gives a little insight into his process as well as being able to see the actual SIZE of the pieces!!! the Pomegranate ring will make you gasp out loud like i did!!!!!

Anyone know a bank i could rob!?!?!? SERIOUSLY!


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