Monday, November 4, 2013

Last Rites Gallery : " the 13th Hour"

{Me...with my Favourtite painting of the SO OBVIOUS aren't it!?!?!?}

{Vincent Xeus "I think, I Think}

I have been trying to go to a lot of gallery shows lately...for inspirations...for camaraderie and to meet other artists and artisans who do similar work  to me...or at least with a similar aesthetic and who pull from some of the same dark places... Miss Jess from Bloodmilk invited me to this opening at Last Rites Gallery called "the 13th Hour" filled with a melange of dark and twisted fantastical paintings and illustrations as well as jewelry and sculpture.....

it was an amazing and dark show and while all the pieces in the show were actually very inspirational i chose a few to photograph and feature here....however if you get the chance i encourage you to go see the show for yourself because not only is it stunning but the space is just insane!!!! Like entering some unholy catacombs beneath an ancient city...truly menacing...i felt right at home!!!!

So if your looking to see some gorgeous darque art [and one lovely erect ginger cock} then take some time and see this show!!! Ive embedded the info below!!!! 


{David Stoupakis}

Ive always been a HUGE fan of his realistic and detailed....the spiders were tiny jeweled brooches and were just sickening!!!! and the delicate webbing shone just right....

{Paul Romano}

another artists who's work i love so much...and this piece was so sadly beautiful.....and has a bold realism i love.....

{Jeremy Hush}

Jeremys work evokes images of Rackham and other children's book illustrators i adore....theres a twisted folkloric realism in his work thats just so evocative to me.....

{Bloodmilk x Paul Romano}

Alone these two are forces to be reckoned with but together they create such awe inspiring beauty!!!! I cannot tell you how much i covet this ouija!!!! its so lovely and such a compliment to Jess' beautiful and mystical jewelry...

{Richard T Scott "Priapos Apocrypha}

other than the obvious i enjoyed the stark realism of this painting and it left me that a scream of terror or a scream of pleasure?!??!? 

{Some of MY work displayed on ME!!! }

{Augostino Arrivabene "Corteo Arrivabene"}

these fleshy surreal horse like creatures fascinated me to no end....theres so much going on here and i couldn't stop staring.....I feel deep inside this work...

{H.R. Geiger}

The guardian of the shop....which pays great homage to him....Giger is everywhere at LAst Rites....

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