Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Come Into My Parlour" : an Installation Piece for BANZAII!!!!

{le Sigh}

Sometimes life throws you some insane curveballs especially when your trying to do something creative....this was NOT what i intended to have to show for BAnzai!!! Not at all...i had a whole peep show idea...then a video peep show that got shot and EVERYTHING...but all of those fell through...i had a little meltdown and then my friend Eric invited me to hang out in the Red Lotus Room where they have BANZAI!!! To figure something out.

.....After talking and laughing and wandering around a spark of a concept was born and it was decided id do an installation piece!!! So i decided to do an altar of sorts to all things PUREVILE!!! a collage of all the things that i LOVE as a person and as and artist....since i surround myself with the things i love and the things i use in my also let me use my skills as a "merchandiser" and "display artist" I've garnered over the years working for a retail company....

So Eric pointed out these vintage metal snowman skeletons used in the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade in the 60/70's and i though it would be PERFEVCT!!! I mini contained environment!!! like a small diorama!!!

I set there bare bone structure with the dress forms that would wear my PUREVILE! pieces and then literally added things from my living room!!!

Chandelier, paper macho oddfellos skull, tons of dolls, a HUGE crucifix, a clock and naturally some vintage porn to round it out!!! SO very ME!!!!

Then to that i added some PUREVILE accessories to tie it all together and for people to see how my environment influences my work SO DIRECTLY!!!

The night of BANZAI!!!! i added some tea lights as per Muffiheads suggestion to make it feel even MORE like an altar...and also unbeknownst to him to match my outfit PERFECTLY!!!! Also the chandelier was lit and created a magical glow....

AND VIOLA!!!  A small but sinister peek into the world of PUREVILE!!!! SO sometimes the things you don't plan come out even better that those you do...and quick thinking ...great friends and a very specific aesthetic will always win out in the end!!!!


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