Monday, November 11, 2013

Strange Loop:"Carnaval des Animaux"

So like many New York Stories... how I met the Ladies of Strange Loop is...well..a strange one...They had a show where they gave some people disposable cameras to take pictures of what was going on in their lives/nightlives...My little witch Severely Mame was in the background of a photo and they became intrigued...they then came to bios house to photograph his transformation from Shane to Mame and i happen to be coming over to pick him up for "Dorian Gray"...I met the lovely ladies and later when they asked Shane about his jewelry he said that i had made it and they instantly asked for my information and after a few conversations and emails i found myself in their next show!!!!! Funny how things happen like that...New York Moments...what can i tell you!!!!!

Strange Loop is an amazingly quirky gallery that caters to Queer , fringe and outsider  artists....Those of us who don't easily fit into categories and don't want to...they are warm and welcoming and colourful as is their space....its a place full of fun and brilliant imaginations...and i was SO LUCKY to have been included in this show and welcomed into this amazing family of artists!!!

This show was called "Carnaval des Animaux" and featured Me PUREVILE!,  Miriam Castillo , John O ' Sarah Berney,New fashion designs by Claire Fleury Atelier NYC - Pop Psychic - Domonique Echeverria - Deli Grocery - Kimkim Kim

These are my pieces {Obviously!!!} instead of just mounting them on the wall or in a glass case i always feel like jewery looks so much better on a form so i made these papier mache forms {with the help of my friend Val} Made simply from newspaper and glue and LITERALLY hand painted with my actual hands!!!!with some fun PUREVILE! touches added for goo measure {hair, antlers, jawbones...yopu know...the usual}

They chose some very iconic PUREVILE! Pieces using hair, antlers, doll parts, religious reliquaries and of corse vintage photos SPECIFICALLY Some vintage Beefcake porn!!! A well rounded representation of what i do

{this lady is one of my favorites}

Here are they "Porn Badges" i made!!! Most were made specifically for the show...i just love Vintage Beefcake photography and started using them in these cameo type brooches , I love how they are a mix of the traditional and the naughty!!! And its fun to see people faces as they lean in close to get a good look!!!

I just love her peacock feathered mowhawk and how the forms play off the floral backdrop!!!

PUREVILE!  Gang...a garden full of carnivorous creatures cavorting....

I just loved these sweet Chihuahua paintings....what a regal and confident look on her sweet face!!!!

Miriam Castillo Did this STUNNING mural that expansed the entire one wall of the gallery as well as some and made/hand painted ceramics...pen and ink drawings, fabric designs AND jewelry!!!! 

i love her bold lines and almost folkloric feel to her illustrations....and a storybook kind of mysticism recalling old magi's...dark and mysterious forests and pagan animals doing shamanistic dances....

The fabric was designed by Miriam but the suit was made by Claire!!! What a magical collaboration!!!

these plates below were handmade AND hand painted by Claire as well!!!

John O took these seductively sweet photos of reclining men in rumpled beds pre or post well as making a wall full of pink bunny suits for Barbies!!!

There was a sunny innocence to his work...though hinting at something more primal....close ups of arms legs and asses....lying unashamed in the suns morning rays....

Dominique Echeverria made this slinky lace number!!!! Recalling a forest nymph...a goddess of nature with a beautiful nest like headpiece

Luxuriating Boyz

The gallery was PACKED and an amazing night was had...I provided the nights soundtrack and people talked and drank and posed through the night!!!! It was great to see some of my closest friend and to meet some seriously amazing new people!!!!

My two amazingly wonderful friends...Jessica and Val...My two personal Harajuku Girls...respendent in PUREVILE!!! representing as usual!!!!

Once again i just wanted to thank Claire and Alesia for having me in this show....It was truly an honor and i hope the beginning got a lifelong friendship!!!!

I was truly blessed last night...I seriously haven't smiled so much and been truly happy in a LONG TIME!!! I literally floated home!!! Seeing how people reacted to my pieces and hearing my friends tell me how proud they were of me...I mean my heart hurt from being so full...Its been a rough few months for me...but what could have been a horrible situation so many amazing opportunities have opened up for me and I'm so glad Strange Loop was one of them!!!!

So thank you everyone for coming...and if you missed it stop by Strange Loop, 27 Orchard Street, Thursday through Sunday 12-7 


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