Sunday, June 5, 2011

Necromantic: Setlist:6-5-11

For about 2 years straight "Necromantic" was my favourite club...the right venue...the right mix of DJ's and the right mix of was THE club that made me fall in love with going out again...AND getting dressed up occasion to create a "look"...So naturally when Francine asked me to guest DJ their 4th anniversary i jumped at the chance!!!!!!

So heres my setlist!!!!! Special Thanks to DJ Father Jeff...DJ Patrick...DJ Templar....and DJ Aengel for making me feel so welcome!!!!!


  1. Light Asylum- Shallow Tears
  2. Austra- Beat and the Pulse
  3. the Horrors-Whole New Way
  4. Underworld USA-Cold Cave
  5. London- Exploding Boy
  6. Wintergardens_ Killing Joke
  7. Grave- Mt Sims
  8. A Forest- Bat for Lashes
  9. Song from the Edge of the World- Siouxsie and the Banshees
  10. Witch-Rosetta Stone
  11. Dancing-Bauhaus
  12. Christian Says- Tones on Tail
  13. Not in Love {featuring Robert Smith}- Crystal Castles
  14. Choose that Girl- Sleepmask
  15. Mouth to Mouth- the Glove

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