Friday, June 24, 2011

White Wedding

I must admit...Im SO EXCITED that New York passed the Gay Marriage law...I have always been kind of excited at the possability of getting married...I'm a lifelong romantic and I just love the idea of spending your life with someone you love...I have had such AMAZING examples of this growing up ESPECIALLY from my parents...They have an amazing love that I can only dream that comes from respect...and from giving each other the space to be themselves and have their own lives.....

I hope this is also a step in the direction of acceptance...of us being treated as equals and not seen as abborations of nature.......becasue thats ALL it is....not preferential treatment...but EQUAL treatment....and allthough the war has not been won...and we still have a LONG way to's a step in the right direction!!! Especially when even REPUBLICANS are supporting it!!!!! The times my dears really ARE a changin!!!!!


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