Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

My apartment "floorplan" {sort of}

It's been called "Turn of the Century Serial Killer"......"Cabinet of Curiosities"...or just "Creepy"...but to's home......My good friend Shien {} suggested to "Time Out NY" {} that they come and do an "Apartment Tour" and they DID!!!! They sent an amazing writer Amy Plitt and a great photographer David Rozenzweig!!!!! They did an incredible job depicting my apartment in a very stylish and appropriate way...and with no judgement.....I was VERY happy with the result!!!!

So check it out online OR run out and get a "hard copy" before its gone on Wednesday!!!!!! I included a few pics here to get you interested so PLEASE check it out...and find out some background on my trasures and WHY i collect them!!!!! and THANK YOU again for every one who was involved in this!!!!! Its always been one of my dreams to have my apartment featured in a magazine...thanks for making it come TRUE!!!!!


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