Sunday, June 19, 2011

Light Asylum : "She was BORN to Sing"

Its dark...and cold {finally}...then suddenly...light and sound erupt and it sounds like heaven is tearing open and a booming voice that is both soothing and scary lurches over the fattest chunkiest synths i've ever heard....white clothing glows like tribal ghosts and the electronic drum pad thumps to the beat of my heart in my throat....this is one of the best things I've seen in a LONG time...{and I see many many things}....This is powerful and moving and makes me glad to be alive and in NYC!!!!!

Light Asylum....booming and brash like a breath of fresh air...emothional and tender and ready to rip you apart....amazing music that will touch your soul and make you DANCE!!!!!

And as we left the show my freind Jessica turned to us and said..."She was BORN to sing..." and I agree..I havent agreed with anything so much in a long time......

 If you buy no other music this the Light Asylum will thank me.....


BONUS..... here's a video I taped from last nights show...'Shallow Tears"...the quality isnt great but it IS off a Flipcam so.....

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