Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A bout 2-3 years ago I was introdued to this amazing drink...I was at a freinds 4th of July celebration...i only took one sip and I was hooked...I quickly became obsessed ..... I didnt remember .the name ..BUT...i remembered one thing...the AMAZING bottle...the sexiest thing i've ever seen....like a prop from Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"...a masterpiece in design...I went to the liquor store and found it immediately just by sight.....that was the day i found my soulmate....

As you may or may not know i've never been a big drinker..always the designated driver I never developed a teenage taste for beer...or for wine either.....an I like mixed drinks but mostly when they taste more like fruit than alcohol.....but THIS..this is like nothing I have ever experienced..handpicked and hand squeezed from the Elderflower..gathered by hand and delived by hand.....it is hands down he BEST thing i've ever had in my mouth....{HELLO!}
It's sweet without being sickening..its sofisticated and fragrant....It's super fancy and makes me feel like I'm sitting at a cafe in France talking about art and Communism and smoking.....eating Macaroons from "Laudree" and just being posh as shit!!!!!

One year on my birthday we went through 6 bottes and at almost $40 a bottle..that aint cheap...but MAN was it worth it!!! Partying like a Victorian Rockstar!! Smashing Harpsicords and blasting the gramiphone!!!!!

and when i get home from a LONG day theres nothing I like better than to get in a nice hot bubbly bath with a cold St Germaine cocktail and an issue of Vogue Italia and just relax!!!!! Yeah...imagine...ME ...relaxing!!!!!!!

As you can see...I'm in love....and I want to share this love with YOU....So if your so inclined...go get a bottle..trustme....you will thank me!!!!


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