Sunday, June 19, 2011


Thank You for taking me on Saturday lunches....alone...and treating me to whatever I wanted....including a trip to the bookstore afterwords...I appreciated all that alone time we got to share and tey are some of my BEST memories of you!!!

Thank you for your humour...your dry wit and timing formed alot of my personality today...and for letting me stay up and watch "Monty Pythons Flying Circus" when I was only in elementary school!!!! Humour is important to me and you showed me another side of it.....the DARK side!!!!

Thank you for being the 'Internet" before there was one!!! and endless font of knowledge on so many subjects!!!!! You made me hungry for knowledge and instantly impressed me {and still do} with how much you need to fact check you!!!!!

Thank you for giving me a hunger to read!!!! For my love of reading multiple books at once and for using books as decorations in my home!!!! With SO MANY what else could one do!?!??!

Thank you for not only ACCEPTING but ENCOURAGING my style incarnations...with your constant donations of robes ,candles, and insence i was the most ENVIED goth around!!!!! You realized tht this was who I am...and not just a show to shock my parents {who were impossible to shock anway!!!}..Thanks for letting me BE and not have to made me a better person in the long run

Thank you for making our home a safe haven for friends and runaways...I'll never forget when you were threated with the police by a friends Dad how you stood your ground calmly and sternly.....Thank you for being a Dad to all those with absent Dads....for showing them that men CAN stick around AND be amazing!!!

Thank you for accepting so easily my sexuality...even going so far as to getting a subscription to "the Advocate"...Thank you for always supporting rights of EVERYONE.....for fighting for marriage equality even within the Church you serve.....for seeing the world through truthful eyes....and for teaching me the same

Thanks for all those illustrated lunch bags growing up.....i mean who else had a Dad who did THAT!!!!!

Thank you for being the kind of religious man people really should be.....Non Judgemental...Caring and understanding....Thank you for showing me that people of faith arent all crazy Zelots ready to burn someone at the stake...that SOME people actually read the Bible properly and take away from it the messaage you should...One of Love and Compassion....

So DAD...Thank you for being there...for slipping me a little cash when I need it {or even when I don't}....for listening to me in your quiet way....For showing me the REAL meaning of being a man and how many facets that can have.....For making me laugh....and giving me hope....For everything you did...and everything you do...HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!


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  1. Ohhh write so beautifully and from the heart...the heart that your parents so joyfully nutured. Your father is quite the man...and I miss him terribly in my daily life...