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{Is everyone else as tired as i am!?!?!?!?} you all know PUREVILE! is a one man show...quite literally...with me doing all aspects of the designing of the pieces...from collection to conception...HOWEVER...i never forget how much support i get from my friend without whom NONE of this could come to fruition!!! between helping me vend and modeling...taking photos and just being there to encourage me when I'm feeling down....its a one many operation with MANY people joining me for the ride and believing in me!!! and THAT is so important!!!!that is MOST important!!!!

{model Melanie!}

That being said this is my THIRD time showing my things at my good friend Shien Lee's EXTRAVAGANZA PHANTASMAGOREY presented by Dances of Vice!!! A tribute to all things dark an sinister inspired by one of my heroes EDWARD GOREY!!!!! It was a magical night packed with revelers of all kinds in such amazing costumes!!! it was lound and dark and fun....and with some pretty stunning acts as well!!!! DoV Halloween is a MUST in NYC!!! {even Time Out New Your says so!!!!!} SO its always a pleasure to be what i hope is an integral part of the show!!!

{Model: Candice!!!}

This year my "theme" {loose as it is} was Peepshow/Creepshow...a little dark a little fun a little sexy...just how i like it!!!! I even decided to get in on the fun and model...since NOONE was willing to wear my custom jockstraps...but like i said....when your the sole proprietor of a company you often have to take one for the "team" as it were and i was HAPPY to do so!!!!!

So without further adieu...the models and their pieces!!!

Melanie is wearing a handout faux leather skeletal system "apron" backed in crochet and a pearl and skull collar

Shane is wearing a faux leather deer headdress with chandelier crystal eyes and a sheer veil...also the "Prince of Darkness" necklace

Candice is wearing a tulle ruff with feathers and mesh and a vintage wooden hand headpiece with a doll eye and steak knife!!!

Barrett is wearing a top hat/plague mask with deer jawbone and feather and a vintage plastic heart brooch

Anna is wearing a hand painted skeletal system skirt with pheasant wing brass cuffs with studs and a PUREVILE! Vintage piece , the double antler neckpiece with hand crouched spiderweb and cameo of hornets nest!!!

Micol is wearing a sun bleached deer skull headpiece with magnifying monocle

Gooby is wearing the "Urchin" eyepatch and a jawbone necklace...with customized vest

and me your fearless leader wearing the {in}famous COCKTOPUSS jockstrap!!!!

{theres enough of him to go around!!!!!]

AND the group shot...sans me.....what a rag tag bunch of slinky vagabonds!!!!!

Sometimes its so hard...and a lot of times i want to give up...i don't want to complain but i don't make a lot of money at my day really not a lot.....and i fund all this myself...PUREVILE! does not have a trust fund!!! This comes from love...and because if i didn't make things who would i be?!?!? What would i do!!!! Sometimes i forget and i get tired and i doubt myself and i ask WHY!?!?!? Why am i doing this?!?!??!

then someone comes up to me and tells me how much they love my work...or i see the look on my friends faces when the put on my stuff and as corny and hokey as it sounds it makes everything worth it and I'm like OH FUCK YES!!! THIS IS WHY I DO THIS!!!! because its who i am...and because it makes people happy...and thats worth every minute of lost sleep and stress....

So thank you ALL OF YOU...for standing by me...for standing WITH me...for helping and supporting...for buying and selling...for listening to me complain and for laughing with me...for understanding when i can't go to every event...and for celebrating with me when i do...

Perhaps one day...this will be all i day maybe the dream will be true....but until then i keep going...goal in sight.....with so many amazing people along with me!!!!!

THATS what PUREVILE! is REALLY about!!!! Always was...always will be

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