Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Every Day is Halloween"

Oh Halloween!!!

I remember when i was young how much i used to LOVE it!!!! The amazingly cold weather...the sounds of people on the streets , the warm glow of Jack-o-lanterns...It was such a magical time...It made me feel so alive and seems to me now to encapsulate that feeling of true childhood FUN!!! Fun for funs also taught me the joy of dressing up...of creating a persona...of make the real you bubble to the be YOU for a night and none will laugh at you for it....

My Mom used to make us these AMAZING HAloween costumes...pretty much ANYTHING we asked for...i remember sometimes back then it was "embarrassing" as things like that are for little kids....mostly because we just wanted to wear the store bought things the other kids were wearing...but REALLY we weren't LIKE the other or my brother...SO while other kids had a plastic sheet Big Bird costume I had a custom made big bird costume with REAL feathers glued on BY HAND {not GLUE GUNS back then kiddies!!!} So really how can one compare!!!

FOr me it was also a chance to show off!!! For a shy kid it was a chance to wear a "mask" a be not be afraid and to be more bold and possibly to come out of my self imposed shell a bit and enjoy life!!!! 

Now...Halloween has lost some of its magic...its become about progress and commerce and binge drinking and "sexy" its a busy time of year for me and my work so it can be trying.....also its kinda hard for those of us who pull of a daytime look every day that can make Halloween seem a bit redundant....Those of us who put effort into dressing and get yelled at year round....Much like that famous "Ministry" song.....It can sometimes render Halloween powerless...Sometimes....but every now and again...I see someone ..a adult...who put a little extra thought in their costume...possibly homemade...and i hear the leaves rustle...and i smell the October air....and i get those sweet chills that come with memory....and i remember what it was like...and i remember that first sweet taste of candy...and i remember the empowerment of being free and i remind myself...that deep inside...there may just still be some magic left after all....


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