Monday, October 29, 2012

OBSESSED : Rob Roth as "Craig"

So sometime in the Spring/Summer I went to see a show called "BLUNDERLAND" put on by my friend Eric Schmalenberger...I made him an outfit for the event and know the typos of soirees he threw wanted to see what was going on....there was the usual faire of amazing burlesque and aerialists...then someone stumbled through the crowd onto the stage...a bottle breaks...and a wolf man in tattered clothing appears...Me and my friends Candice and Gooby were like "What the fuck?!?!?" then soon he began to was "Only You" by Yaz and let me tell you....There was not a dry eye in the house...then...he was gone and we were MYSTIFIED!!! We were calling him "Teen Wolf" until we figured out who he was....

Rob Roth wears so may actor, director and entertainer...a singer and one of the creators of legendary CLICK AND DRAG {which i was lucky enough to go to way back when}....He is also the creator of "Craig"...the wolf i mentioned above.....
 a lonely beautiful soul with a lovely  singing voice that truly broke my heart....

Hopefully...if we are lucky he will perform again and i tell you...don't miss it!!! It is true art and sublime entertainment.....I was certainly and deeply touched!!!!

These photos were from a series he did with photographer Matthu Placek one day all over NYC for 14 hours...the photos are as touching and mysterious as 'Craig" and feature some NYC underground luminaries like Ms Debbie Harry and Jack Doroshow "Flawless Sabrina"...These were also feature in Outthere magazine!!! 

Here also is a video of a performance he did at BANZAI one year also a creation of Mr Schmalenberger and my friend MUFFINHEAD!!!!

Please enjoy!!!


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