Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"We Walked in the Cold Air....."

So I had an opportunity to show some of my clothing and accessories I've been working on lately on Sunday night....It wasn't the best situation...BUT I feel like the show was well recieved!!!!!! The looks came tgether beter than I even imagined.....Sometmes working under pressure brings amazing resuls.......

I must take this opportunity to thank my models Gina and James...Candice and Anna...and Barrett for RUSHING off stage after just playing in Revel Hotel {http://revelhotel.net/} and still looking fabulous!!!!

So here for your viewing pleasure is MY look for the night...I was channeling Vivienne Westwoods "Pirate" collection in an AUTHENTIC "Worlds End" pirate hat and pearl necklace....Followed by my fashion show looks...

By the way THIS was the song we walked  to...So press "Play" and let Midge Ure's voice carry you away....to another place...another time......


Uomo Sex Al Apache....





The "PUREVILE! Army" is assembled!!!!

THANKS again to everyone who helped in some way...for loading and unloading my car, since im still a bit hurt {Micol, Barrett,Frankie,Candice and Sara!!!}  for Shien for helping set the whole thing up!!!! Despite everything the show was a success so THANK YOU ALL!!!!



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