Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nagi Noda:Human Poodles and Hair Hats

Nagi Noda is a multi-media artist known for many things...The one that i was most familiar with was her hair 'hats" that resembled animals....These amazing sculptures are so realistic and amazingly crafted..... I was entranced since the first time I saw them....Between my obsession with hair and my penchant for hats AND my love of nature...I swear my head almost blew off when i first came across these!!!!!

She also had a collaboration with the artist Mark Ryden in creating a clothing line called "Broken
Label"...featuring meat prints and headless girls......naturally....

She has also directed music videos and has done toy designs as well...Unfortunately Ms Noda died in a car accident...she was only 35.....Her creativity will be missed but she left an AMAZING legacy behind!!!!


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