Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Oh Those Beautiful Boys......"

I have been a HUGE fan of this man's photos for quite some time but have just figured out his name...I've seen alot of his work floating around many people tmblrs and what not....they are AWAYS hot and always very sexual....I had searche for awhile.....and Im excited I finally found him out!!!! It wasn't easy...but it was SO worth it!!!!!!

Mikel Marton creates a world of fantasy....sexual and otherwise...with beautiful models and amazing sets and costumes which he often builds and creates himself.....Mikel's work is not just erotic but sexual......there are often erections which many contemporary "erotica" photographers shy away from.....because I guess in most people eyes the erection means instantly sexual...and why is that not ok?!?!?! its just as natural as a flaccid penis.....But people are often scared of sexuality when confronted with it....but Mikel creates such beauty without vugarity.....So it seems quite fitting and indeed NATURAL...

So heres a little visual sampling of the sexually chared photographic world of Mikel Marton!!!!!


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  1. Mikel Marton truly does amazing work! I absolutely love his style! Couldn't help but notice the similarities to David Vance's photography. Both have extremely similar styles, only Vance's work doesn't have as much frontal nudity. If you get a moment: click "portfolio", then "Gods" for a visual feast!