Sunday, May 8, 2011

"I was Born a Strange Fruit" HAHN-BIN

HAHN-BIN is like the cyborg of my dreams...a post apocalyptic porcelain doll that raided Klaus Nomi's closet...with the slick androgynous style of grace Jones...AND.....he plays violin like a demented whirlwind and is setting traditional classical concert goers on their ears!!!!!

I just recently became acquainted with him and I am sorry i hadn't earlier because he's played many shows in the area...i must admit I was naturally drawn to his looks initially...but that's ok...and maybe the point...because not a particular follower of classical i might not have bothered otherwise...but he got me hooked...and watching him play is just as amazing and magical as his outfits!!!!

A showman in every sense of the word.... So full of style and talent.......So please check him out and become enveloped in the magic that is HAHN-BIN!!!!

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