Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buck Angel: Redefining Sexuality

I have an obsession with people who live as they truly are...who transform themselves through whatever means into the exact person they are inside.....who live every waking moment as a tribute to truly LIVING...Buck Angel definately falls into that category!!!!!

Born a woman and fomerly a model ....Buck had an epiphany and decided to make the transition tnto becoming a man...but Buck made a concious decision to keep his vagna...becoming well known in Porn cicrcles ...however...Buck now is interested in becoming more "mainstream" and sharing his story with others though lectures and books.....

My interest was peaked with Buck because  his decixion to stay in "trans" somewhere between man and woman...I mean n look and he's CLEARLY a man....VERY butch and hyper masculine....and for me attractive as well which also peaked my intrest in him...but obviously the equipment downstairs shows another side...or does it?!!?!?! Again just by existing Buck gives us a reason to pause and question our outdated ways of thinking...What really makes someone a "man" or a "woman" is it merly genetals???? Or is it more to do with spirit or thought???? I don't have the answers but i LOVE that Buck makes me question things...and challenges me and what or more appropriately , why I find people attractive!!!!! Hopefully he will make you pause and give thought as well....

{photos by Isauro Cairo}

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