Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OBSESSED:"Les Queues de Sardines "


I mean we've all "seen it all", right...especially when it comes to tights...I mean how many variations on stripes or lace or fishnets or printed patterns can you have????? Before it all starts looking dreadfully BORING...Well Les Queues de Sardines {http://www.les-queues-de-sardines.com/  has the cure for that.....ants climb...eyeballs wink...guts flow freely and bones break through flesh.....and thats just the beginning...they have everything from simple innocuous flowers and lightning bolts....to some of the more macabre images I described above...but EVERYTHING is done with high style and high quality.....there are also artist collaborations ......and though the price-tag is quite HIGH for tights...it's well worth it!!! Considering some of these are limited editions!!!! AND that they are ALL HAND SCREEN PRINTED!!!!  And considering how FLAWLESS you will look in them!!!!! {duh}


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