Friday, May 13, 2011

Ladies First......

SO due to a technical glitch I was NOT able to DJ tonight at "the Tablets" show...Luckily the show was AMAZING...and just in case your interested here is the ALL FEMALE setlist I had planned for tonight!!!!!!

Oh Bondage Up Yours!: X-Ray Spex
Love is the Slug: Fuzzbox
Saftey Net: Shop Assistants
52 Girls: B52's
Dreaming: Blondie
Do You Wanna Hold Me?: Bow Wow Wow
Ces't Comme Ca: Les Rita Mitsuko
How Much More?: the Go-Go's
Jukebox {Don't put another dime}: the Flirts
Kids in America: Kim Wilde
You Think Youra Man: the Vaselines
Johnny are you Queer?: Josie Cotton
I Eat Cannibals: Total Coelo
When you Were Mine: Cyndi Lauper
Jealous Girls:the Gossip
Cherry Bomb: the Runaways
Are Friends Electric?: the Dead Weather
New York, New York: Nina Hagen
Zero: Yeah yeah yeahs
Kiss Them For Me: Siouxsie and the Banshees
New Toy: Lene Lovich
Boy: Book of Love



  1. The Shop Assistants! The Flirts! Book of Love! That would've been an AWESOME set!

  2. The best set that never was.....