Saturday, May 14, 2011 you runway REALNESS!!!!

So its no secret Im a bit obsessed with Alexander McQueen....I mean I've allready been to the exhibit 4 times and have at least 4 more times planned....I just cannot get him out of my helately...each time i go i discover something new and become more and more entrnched in his world....what an amazing mind...what a profound loss....

So i just wanted to share some of my favourite runway moment...I mean i literally could post ALL of them...but these are my top faves...Oddly I could not find much pre 2002...So those are not included.....I hope these satiate your intrest.....ALSO...I included possibly my all time favourite menswear show EVER by any designer...McQueens F/W's just everything I love all at once...I would STILL wear it all....and I still gasp each time i see it!!!!!

so these amazing performance moments......

                                                                F/W 2003 'Scanners"

F/W 2006 "the Widows of Culloden"

F/W 2008 "the Girl Who Lived in the Tree"

F/W 2009 "the Horn of Plenty" 

and my FAVE Menswear line probably EVER from ANYONE F/W 2009 "McQueensbury Rules"


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