Saturday, August 27, 2011

Underworld x the Cure= a Night Like This

I was asked by DJ Templar to do a guest spot for the Underworld Cure Tribute night 'A Night Like This"....I responded glady even though it was a "school night"...the Cure ment so much to me musically and stylistically and formed so much of who i am...I couldn't say so.....So Perfect Girls and imaginary Boys....for your is my setlist from that night....I hope it leaves you Dancing ,Screaming, Itching, Squealing, Fevered ......HOT!!!!


I'm a Cult Hero-Cult Heros
Grinding Halt-the Cure
Mirage-Siouxsie and the Banshees
Plastic Passion-the Cure
Shadazz-the Horrors
A Forest-Bat for Lashes
Play for Today-the Cure
the Love-Screaming for Emily
Doubt-the Cure


the Exploding Boy-the Cure
the Afterworld-the Essence
Babble-the Cure {for Angel}
Jewel {Robert Smith 12" Remix}-the Cranes
Torture-the Cure
100 Years-the Cure
Third Uncle-Bauhaus
the Blood-the Cure

P.S. want to get a room full of jaded goths up and "dancing"????throw on "100 Years"!!!!! Seriously!!!! People went CRAZY for it!!! 'Doesn't matter if we all DIE"...Gothiest lyric EVER!!!!!

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