Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It was like a whirlwind really......

Months ago...maybe even a year...My friend Micol and I were talking about opening a shop...a collective of sorts...and she brought up the name of a store in San Francisco called "Five and Diamond"....Needless to say i was intrigued....a very tight curation of goods...from local artisans...handmade and amazing.....

Flash forward to last years "Edwardian Ball"...our group visit to San Francisco where we finally got to visit the store.....The intrigue ensued.....I got to see the shop and their wares in person and I was SEVERLY impressed!!!!! {As well as with the HOTNESS of the workers!!!}

Then one day My friend Gooby decides to go into Five and Diamond with one of my necklaces and also some copies of a photoshoot i did with my friend Marlo Gamora.....Because he belived this place was a great match for my pieces...Next thing I know I'm on a plane headed to the Mission for a Trunk Show!!!!! ,{Ok maybe it didnt happen THAT fast...but pretty much!!!!}

This has all been a dream come true really....from a teenage goth making little trinkets for him and his friends to wear...To having my own Trunk Show in Five & Diamond and getting write ups from the likes of COILHOUSE!?!?!??! It all just seems so surreal....and i am so humbled and honoured!!!!!

So Thank the Five and Diamond crew...for believing in me...trusting my vision...and giving me the chance of a lifetime...To Haley for reaching out to me...Ricardo for using my pieces to create his vision of PUREVILE! to grace the 5&D windows {SUCH an honour!!!} and for the in store set up that rivaled my own...To Marissa, Mike and Jessica for holding down the fort and looking SEXY as HELLdoing it!!!! To my models Jason, Noelle and Danielle for making my Frankenstienian dreams come to life...and to my fave be-dredded bellydancer and face beater extrodiannare Ms Dusty Paik!!!!!! To the LEGENDARY DJ Nako Hashizumi for playing some SICK SHIT despite technical difficulties...and for never breaking a SWEAT either!!!! For all my little goulies who came out to play...especailly my friends Scott, Liz and Patrick....and my new wondeful friend Meredeth!!! {SQUEEE}.....For everyone who came out to support me and to peruse my wares....and last but never ever least...Mr Gooby Herms!!!! As humble as he is nice....This man did so much for me to help  facilitate all this...I am eternally grateful and I can never repay you for what you did!!!!! {but will try!!!} And for anyone else I didn't remember to call out...and all that support me always.....thank you all as well!!!

So here...for you enjoyment...with limited comments from the peanut gallery {yeah sure}....are my pics from the Five and Diamond Trunk Show for PUREVILE!


Ricardos amazing interpretation of the PUREVILE! aestetic!!!! I am truly honoured to be on THIS side of the glass for a change!!!!

I heard rumour Ricardo was influenced by the decor above my bed and used that to display the signage!!! AMAZING job!!!!

Shredded paper dress?!?!?!? Tres innovative, Non!?!!?!


Dusty beats a face....

Theres ALWAYS too many flyers....

The "greeter"

Some of Ricardos beautiful displaying of my things!!!!!

This bitch was SERVING it!!!!!!!!

Jason "Rihanna" Zentraedi




Nako.....She played "Light Asylum"..."Cold Cave"....Played "Witchcraft" by Book of love...and had the Morrissey Siouxsie 45...needless to say...I was in love

He wanted to come in SOOOO BAD.....

Marissa...a bad ass bitch from Staten Island!! Hell Yes!!!! Hot as hell too!!!!! { and SOOOO sweet!!!}

and WHO's THIS?!?!?!?!?

That hat weighed a TON...but you know if your clothes dont leave a mark its like your not even wearing them!!!!!

When you gotta gotta go.....

Sleeve for DAYS Gurl!!!!!!!

Jason was have too good a time with the jock.....

Meredeth Yayanos....Honoured to finally meet her!!!!!
and THIS is the back......

Nautalis envy

Marissa tries on my hat...Hilarity ensues......

Night shots of the STUNNING windows Ricardo did!!! the BEST time to take window shots...TRUST me i KNOW!!!!

I WANT this Mannequinn!!!

and i came back the next day and got a few shots of my pieces mixed in with the regular merchandise...a match made in heaven!!!!

I wish i would have taken more "party" pics...but you know how it either take picture or you enjoy the party...I opten for door number 2!!!!! regardless i hope for those of you that werent that this helped you feel like you were THERE!!!!! And who knows...MAybe we will do another one NEXT YEAR!!!!

Thanks again Five and Diamond!!!! Once again you helped me make this dream of mine come true!!!!


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