Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Dances of Vice!!!!!

3 years ago...{or so}...i wandered into the Montauk Club in Brooklyn LITERALLY with suitcases in had...ready to vend at my FIRST DoV...a French theme of sorts if I remeber correctly...and I searched for Shien Lee whom I had been corresponding with online...allthough it felt like we were writing letters...real letters like people USED to write....and when I frist saw her...and saw her smile...I knew I had met a lifelong friend!!!!!

Shien Lee...and Dances of Vice became a paltform for my company PUREVILE! grew and expanded here...and my love of dressing up flourished and was a wild band of like minded peacocks...who if anything made me want to shine brighter and brighter with each passing event.....

and we both grew...togther....and I just wanted to thank Shien for doing this...because I dont think people REALLY know what goes into plannign an event...its not always fun...and not always glmour!!!! its hard work...and this woman does it gladly and politley!!! {though sometimes the "Dragon Lady"comes out!!! as it should!!!}.....she is kind and generous and creative!!!!! She is single handedly helping revive NY nightlife...she is an amazing woman and a great friend!!!!

I wish we saw each other more but we both lead busy lives...but she is always in my heart...and we ALWAYS have Dances of Vice...

SO thank you Shien...for all the years of all the amazing parties!!!! From the Montauk to Bond Street...From Galapogos to Rebel......from the W Hotel to Le Poisson Rouge...all the centuries we traveled and all the cities we explored...all the wigs and makeup...all the gowns and gloves..all the shoes and glitter...the drinks and laughter...the bathroom photosessions and the sweat soaked minks....thank you Ms Shien Lee for taking us all on a wonderful journey...and thanks for doing it all with that sweet smile of yours!!!! Heres to many more years of success and many more places to explore!!!!


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  1. Oh Wren! I am moved beyond my ability to express myself. So many wonderful memories in just 3 short years! I remember the night we met, how much in awe I was of your creations.. I knew then we'd become great friends, too! And remember joking about how you "graduated" to vending downstairs vs upstairs, haha. Oh such good times! You mean so much to me and I look forward to many many more adventures to come :)

    Love always,