Friday, August 5, 2011

Camille Cortet : Animal Transformations

  "The incredible ability, that some birds have, to visually transform their body with volume and colours is my starting point. As an example, birds of paradise can hide a colourful plumage, and use this beauty display during their seduction “show”.
I translated this act of visual seduction in a series of garments for men. These garments are shirts made with different layers of textile and paper. The paper structures are becoming body ornaments that the wearer shapes around his body. The structures are suddenly showing colours and becoming voluminous just for a moment, a moment to impress." Camille Cortet

Words from the woman herself....Camille creates accessories based on the transformative biochemistry of birds show colourful plumage when looking for mates...and how a snake sheds its skin when its ready for a new fresher one.....her pieces are thoughtful ad archetectural....and in the case of her snake skin pants...destructive as well....I really love her work and the thoughfuless that goes into it...please check out THIS collection and her others...


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