Sunday, August 14, 2011

DISKO NOUVEAUX Playlist 8.13.11

Once again i want to thank DJ Patrick and Frankie Teardrop for joining Me at DISKO NOUVEAUX this month.....Patrick keeps bringing the AMAZING sets and Frankies musical knowlege and talent on the ones and twos is insurmountable...both proved to be STUNNING last night.....{I hope i held my own with them!!!!!} and dispite the monsoon like weather we still had anamazingly pack night...everyone danced and they had to practically throw us out at the end of the night!!! thank you to all of you for making DISKO NOUVEAUX such a popular night!!!! Heres to many many more nights filled with music and dancing!!!!!

And a special thanks to Frankie who was the one who actually taught me how to use the turntables proper!!!! Thanks for your support since the VERY beginning!!!!! Glad you could join us once again!!!!

                and always to Shien for being my partner and making it all happen!!!!!! Love you tons!!!!


Shout-Depeche Mode
Sleeper in Metropolis-Anne Clark
Man Who Sold the World-Mide Ure
Brilliant Mind-Furniture
Gentlemen take Ploaroids-Japan
Guilty-Classix Nouveaux
Romanticide-Combo Audio
Tell Me Why-Berlin
Screaming in my Pillow-SSQ
When U Were Mine-Cyndi Lauper
Dow You Wanna Hold Me?-Bow Wow Wow
Marilyn Monroe-Phoebe Legere

Broken by Silence-Mirrors
The Things That Dreams Are Made of-Human League
Vienna Calling-Falco
Getting Away With it-Electronic
Dont Tell ME {mix}-Blamange
Love and Pride-King
Facist Groove Thing-Heaven 17
A Man Could Get Lost{Marcello Remix}-Soft Cell
Modernaire-Dez Dickerson

I Die You Die-Gary Numan
Mental Hopscotch-Missing Persons
Wir Liben Immer Noch{Lucky Number}-Nina Hagen
Cha Cha Heels-Eartha Kitt and Bronski Beat
Bring Your Love Down{Didn't I?}-Yaz
Warm Leatherette{Long Version}-Grace jones
Pocket Calculator{remix}-Kraftwerk
Shellshock-New Order
Let the Music Play-Shannon
Cccccan't You See???-Vicious Pink

Last Song:

Sudedhead {Sparks Remix}-Morrissey

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  1. AMAZING! I Die You Die is one of my favorite songs to dance to, I have never heard it in a club! SO much new romance that night, passion on the dance floor, I love it... Dreams do come true...