Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Every Summer She Returned to Grey Gardens....."

Thats the "title" of my terrarium...YEAH your supposed to name terrariums...DUH

When Iw as young I used to make little terrariums in Tic-Tac boxes...capture ants and let them live in my carefully manicured worlds...I love things in minature...and a terrarium is just that...a litttle world in minature....

So recently i took a class at "the Parlour" in Greenpoint{} taught by the lovely ladies at "Twig" terrariums {}...they provided all the materials and we just had to show up and follow directions.....It was simple and alot of fun

Starting with some simple ingredients we built our little worlds from the ground up...with proper drainage and soil to keep them living for a long time!!!!

A small figure and 6 different kinds of moss completed the scene!!!!! The Ladies of "Tiwg" were so fun and informative...definately a class worth taking!!!! and Kudos the the Parlour [and my friend Jessica} for hosting such amazing nights!!!!!

and hopefully my Black Thumb won't kill my precious little world......

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