Saturday, July 13, 2013

Queens English: Cyndi Lauper's "She's So unusual" 30th Anniversary Tour

I mean what can i say about Cyndi Lauper that i haven't already said?!?!? From the moment i laid eyes on her i knew we were somehow kindred spirits....and her music took me to great highs and through great lows...even at a young age.....she made me realize that all of this meant something...everything i was going through...all the ridicule and was all worth it....because in the end you could come out and be a better person for it and still be yourself at whatever cost....This was not an easy lesson learned but one at least i realized early on.....Where some people saw a colorful clown dancing and spinning foolishly...i saw someone who embraced their TRUE self and was free.....It was liberating...even at 11

So last night I traveled with my friend Jose to the Capitol Theater in Portchester to see Cyndi perform "She's So Unusual" in its entirety from to back!!!! i was especially excited to hear some of the stranger songs from the "B" Side of the album because i loved those strange little songs and i had NEVER heard any of them performed live!!!! SO needless to say i was overly excited....

She naturally didn't disappoint...between her amazing voice and all the stories about how the songs were made in her rambling way with her thick Queens accent that at times reminds me of my Mom {they grew up in the same neighborhood}......I was gobsmacked.....And as i anticipated getting to hear some of those strange gems like "Yeah Yeah" and "ill Kiss You" were the highlights of my night.....with their quirky chunky new wave beats and strange lyrics....these were the songs that reminded me that THIS was someone who was a little left of center...someone like i was...and it was comforting and STILL is...someone who loved life and was serious but didn't take it too seriously....and thats something so important to remember....especially as someone who walks a different path....

So please enjoy these photos i took and some video someone took from her performance at the Greek theater in LA from this same tour....Step in the time machine with me and remember for a moment what it was like to open a record and put in on the turntable and lay on the floor reading the lyrics...or making up dances for each song and putting a towel on your head and pretending it was your hair.....Come on...i know it wasn't just me!!!! 

and Cyndi...thanks...for everything always.....


P.S. Thanks to Candice for my blog title!!!!

{All through the Night}

{Ill Kiss You}

{Hes so Unusual/Yeah Yeah}

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