Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dorian Gray: Triple Threat

So...part 2 of "Dorian Gray" went as well as the first...filled with Dandies and Dollies and glittering beings....and even more DANCING {if thats even possible!!} we were blessed with 3 amazing performers Mss Vee, Wolverina and Velocity Chyaldd!!!! Who brought their special brand sexual magic to the night!!!! And as usual i was accompanied by my partner in the Grand Guignol Ms Johanna Constantie and between her and i we had people dancing like dervishes all night LONG!!!!

i was channeling Blitz Kids realness for my look of the night harkening back to days gone we are trying to do with this create a place where people can come and dance and dress up if they so desire...a safe place where all the children of darkness and the glittering aliens can dance the night away...its a retro concept indeed but with a deceptively modern twist indeed!!!!

SO heres my set lists from last night....peruse, enjoy and get ready for next week!!!!

and thank you EVERYONE for coming!!!!! and thank you Kayvon and Anna for making this possible!!!



Vienna: Ultravox
Mouth to Mouth: the Glove
Red Eyes{Mike Luck remix} :Thomas Azier
Bottle Tree {Peter Du Charme mix}: Bell Hollow
Sometimes i Wish {radio}: Pink and Black
Are "Friends" E;lactic? {Leather Strip mix}: Gary Numan
Heartbeats: the Knife
Sythicide: SSQ
Angst in my Pants: Sparks
Jack and Jill Party {single mix}: Pete Burns
Nemisis: Shriekback
Snake Dance: the March Violets
the Language of the Living Dead: Blacklist
Smothered Hope: Skinny Puppy
Down in It: Nine Inch Nails

Set 2

Fashion: David Bowie
Visage: Visage
Electricity: OMD
Primary: the Cure
Tear You Apart: She Wants revenge
Every Day {is halloween}: Minisrty
Goodbye Horses: Q Lazarus
Not in Love {featuring Robert Smith}: Crystal castles
Dark Allies: Light Asylum
Pagan Lovesong: Virgin Prunes
To the Music: Colder
Everything Counts: Depeche Mode

Set 3

Girl Panic!: Duran Duran
Disintegration: Monarchy
Pretty Boys&Pretty Girls: Book of Love
Situation {Hercules and Love Affair remix}: yaz
Tell Me When {mix2} : Human League
Church of the Poision Mind: Culture Club
Memorabilia: Soft Cell
Cish Cash: Basement Jaxx&Siouxsie
Snakes: Ford Loptain featuring Shannon Fuchness {from Light Asylum}
Hit that perfect Beat: Bronski Beat

New York New York: Nina Hagen

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