Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dorian Gray: Anna Evans Birthnight Edition!!!

{rubs eyes and grumbles...}

I am exhausted...drained....bleary eyed and starving.....but in the best way possible... Yesterdays Dorian Gray was just fantastic...Such a delight for the eyes and ears...So many beautiful dark creatures and sexy sexy boys.... So much flesh.....but i digresses {or do i?!?!?} But flesh seemed apropos for the celebration of the birth of Burlesque nightlife darling Anna Evans.... Showing it and adorning it in whatever fashion suited you.... She is as sweet as she is sexy and people came out in DROVES to celebrate her glitteringly fabulous life!!!!


Ms Johanna Constantine was absent but we were joined by DJ Jeffo! who took to the theme of the night naturally and spun two amazing sets!! i had to fight him to get back on the decks!!!!!

The party was sweaty and dark....and we raised many spirits last night....and most of all we DANCED!!!! Getting rid of the worries of the day and entering a dark club and letting the music wash over us and take us to somewhere amazing...somewhere far away and filled with fantasy and desire because that what music is about...escape...

So here are my set lists!! ENJOY!!! Thank you again Kayvon and Anna for giving me the insane PLEASURE of DJIng this event...again to Jeffo! for guesting and the the Dorian Dandies and Darlings!!!!! And i hope to see you at next weeks installment!!!! Keep those portraits safe in your attics!!!! 

{Severy Mame and Moi {aka Selena Gomez Addams}

Set ONE:

a Forest: Bat for Lashes
Im in Love With a German Film Star: the Passions
So ALive: Love and Rockets
Darling Don't Leave: Dave Görl [featuring Annie Lennox}
Are 'friends" Electric?: Gary Numan
Enjoy the Unkown: And One
Pure Morning{Les Rythmes Digitals remix}: Placebo
Fear of Drowning: Mirrors
Choose that Girl: Sleepmask
Here Comes the Night: Escape with Romeo
Obsession: Xymox
Fetish: Vicious Pink
Young Hearts of Europe: U Bahn X

{Internet Glitterati Simone and I}

Set TWO:

Talk Talk: Talk Talk
Major Tom {Coming Home}: Peter Schilling
Space Age Love SOng : Flock of Seagulls
the Damned Don't Cry: Visage
Send ME and Angel: Real Life
Dresden: OMD
Master and Servent: Depeche Mode
Fear{of the Unknown}: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Third uncle: Bauhaus
the Body: PIL
Do You Fear {for your child}: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Are You the One?: Presets
I Dissappear: the Faint

{Dylan Monroe and his infamous ass.}


Brand New Lover: Dead or Alive
Surrender to a Stranger {MHC remoix}: MArc Almond
Night People: Human League
Goodbye Seventies {Black Light Odyssey mix}: Yaz
Love Missle F1-11: Sigue Sigue Sputnik
the Walk {Everything Mix}: the Cure
Evil: Ladytron
Smalltown Boy: Bronski Beat
Electric Barbarella" Duran Duran
Kiss Me: Stephen Duffy
How to be a Millionaire: ABC 

and the special {last} song of the night for the birthday girl!!


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