Saturday, February 4, 2012

the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas: Something to Look Forward too!!!

So today at the Manhattan Vintage Fair I got the best compliment!!! I was approached by one of my most favorite fashionable duos EVER!!! Well one HALF of said duo!!! Valerie from the "idiosyncratic fashionistas" blog {} {Jean is the illustrious and self proposed "goth" half!!!}Valerie approached me to take some shots of me for their BLOG!!!! Needless to say i was flabbergasted!!! They are part...if not for me the LEADERS of the "Advance style" crowd {} and thats where i became ENAMOURED with them!!!

Full of life and overflowing with style and wit...these two ladies give me hope of what's to become of me {and some of my friends} in our later years....Flying in the face of convention and looking STUNNING while doing so...being themselves while also being inspiringly stylish...and encouraging others to do so as well!!!! So full of life and joy and just enjoying fashion for what it should be ...FUN!!!! They have ana amazing blog about their exploits around the city and the amazing people they meet and have also just been made into a book!!! Joana Arvillez created 48 beautiful watercolor illustrations of some of their signature looks!!! Definitely a must add to anyones collection!!!!! buy it here!! {

So needless to say it was amazing that I was approached by her...especially since I had spied her since she walked in and was getting up the courage to approach her....But I'm glad she did it for me because she was warm and cheerful...AND looked amazing!!!!

So thank you Jean and Valerie for inspiring me and my friends and for giving us a future to look forward too!!!!


P.S. Take a look at the ladies waxing philosophical about style and fashion!!!!

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