Sunday, February 12, 2012


So I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to this...everyone who spun {Patrick/Frankie/Gerald and Barrett}...and everyone who made the kick off party to my birthday festivities so much fun!!! For 
Gina and James for the treats and decorations!!! {and Micol for the cookies!!!} for all the love and dancing and drinks {Champagne compliments of Le Poisson
 Rouge as a gift to me!!!} and for Shien Lee who i was horribly remised in thanking the first time around but who has been the partner who helped make this dream a reality!!!!

I have a had a full life full of amazing and complicated things...heartache and pleasure dancing and make up and clothes...and i cannot wait to see what the next 40 years have in store for me!!!!!

Thank you all again for being a part of it!!!!!Noiw without further adieu here are my setlsits!!


Metro Mr. X- Soft Cell
Love needs No Disguise- Dramatis
What I wouldn't Give-Pink Indusrty
Big in Japan {Demo Version} -Alphaville
Lie to ME - Depeche Mode
Time- Minny Pops
In Your Head-Moev

TV, $, GOD- Thin Crawl
Touch Pt 1- Secession
the Lebanon {extended}- Human League
Hold Back the Rain- Duran Duran
Stand and Deliver- Adam Ant
WHat's the Point-Fuzzbox
Do you Wanna Hold Me??- Bow Wow Wow
the Gap- Thompson Twins


Hole in My Heart {all the way to China}- Cyndi Lauper
Will You Be There?- Celebrate the Nun
Screen Me I'm Yours- Tik&Tok
Living in Oblivion-Anything Box
This is the House- Eurythmics
State Farm- Yaz

the Skins-Scissor Sisters
Tales of Taboo-Karen Finley

Dancing with Tears in Your Eyes!!!! Ultravox!!!!

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