Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Feel Like a Diva Made to Wait in the Lobby:an Ode to Bell Hollow

....funny how things happen.....

i think it was the second day of "Drop Dead" and Gina andJ maes were seeing some horrible Psychobilly band and I was exhausted and just about over it...then i remembered....there was some band with an interesting name playing...not the usual "goth" overused adjectives or religious or anti religious rhetoric...but something cool and simple....So I wandered in to see them...and then everything changed for me........

Bell Hollow came at an amazing time in life for me...i had just lost ALOT of weight...over 100 pounds and was feeling amazing...I reunited with aforementioned friends Gina&James after being separated for years...and I started going out and dancing again...things were amazing and there may have even been some boys involved!!!! So after that first night I became obsessed with Bell Hollow...they were a magical mixture of everything that i loved...the music...the lyrics...and the felt like soft velvet heaven...somehow so SEXUAL...and also innocent and loving at the same time....they drew me in and i became intoxicated with them....and amazingly they were a band that were even BETTER live....almost hypnotizingly so.....So......I was at the front of every show...dancing and singing....meeting new friends and even eventually meeting the band and getting to know the guys behind the music....

Bell Hollow were like nothing i ever heard before...i mean sure you could make flippant comparisons to other bands but really they were something else altogether...they are one of those bands that when i close my eyes I'm transported...away.....they made me feel alive and falling in love and like devouring a lover...i wanted to stay warm in bed with them wrapped up in soft white sheets...They made you feel like you were walking in the rain and softly crying.....They made me feel alive.....They make me feel like a lost in hope and overcome by romance.....and they still do....They may be gone but the music is forever...and they are still one of my favorite groups ever....

Thanks guys for all the magic you put back into my life...the hope you gave me...the tears you helped bring out and the desire you stirred in me!!! Greg,Christopher,Todd,and Nick......I'm eternally grateful to you all!!


"Dirty little mind, me and you
And you know I’m messed up too
I’ll be lonely forever if you run out on me"

"Delicious sadness
She likes to wash it down with wine
The kind that comes in boxes"

"Find out the reason I’ve got fire for you"

"In my bed your ankle sets my mind to flight
Hike it up three inches and give me just one sight
In the bazaar today in sheets of ghostly white
When you passed me...perfume, am I wrong or am I right?"

"This land is bloody10,000 eyesCreep up the corner of your face Where every lie’s in lower case"

"What if you look into my eyes?
I’ve thrown out the circle for you

How will you know what to do?
When everyone’s looking at you?

and one of my favorites .....

"it's the same old song...."

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