Tuesday, February 7, 2012


              {I guess it was bound to happen some day but who knew some day would be so soon}

This Saturday February 11th at Le Poisson Rouge {10-4...$5 cover!!!} we will celebrate the 40th year of my life on this planet.....Yes 40.....and i couldn't be more happy celebrating it at a night i was the co-creator of!!! A dream of mine since I was young...to be a part of NY nightlife....When i would sit in CVS and read DETAILS magazine {when it was good} ...and imagine what it would be like dancing the night away in New York City....with the likes of Keith Harring or Debbie Mazar......Well....times have changed but my dreams haven't SO Saturday come out, come out wherever you are......and help usher in this birthday the way i always wished i could...with music and friends...drinks and outrageousness...oh....and FIERCE OUTFITS!!!!!! {Bring it people!!!}

Luckily I have some TALENTED friends with STUNNING taste in music to help me usher in this new decade of my life...


                                                       DJ PUREVILE!

{Kinda new to this DJ thing...but a voracious lover of music...and dancing...and dressing up!!!! Blitz Kid wanna be...Aging Goth...but ALWAYS serving you REALNESS..day or night!!!}

                                      DJ Patrick (Salvation/Necromantic)

{Patrick has been a supporter and the unofficial/offical second resident DJ since this second incarnation of DISKO!!!! A wealth of musical knowledge, Patrick NEVER disappoints with his sets and he will keep you dancing ALL NIGHT LONG...and quite the classy dresser as well!!!}

                                          DJ Frankie Teardrop (Weird)

{Frankie was the FIRST guest DJ at the ORIGINAL incarnation of DISKO the second reident there as well and the man responsible for teaching me how to work the turntables!!!! Frankie has supported from the beginning and I am proud to have him back again!!! He knows more about music than some people IN the bands he spins!!!!}

 DJ Gerald

{Gerald is a musician and an accomplished DJ and music reviewer/devourer that works at Other Music...and MAY have played with the Chameleons once,if rumors are true.......He's also a good friend and supporter of DISKO.....This is Gerald's first night DJ'ing at DISKO...be gentle with him...}

and a surprise guest in the form of.... 

DJ HALO 33 {aka Barrett}

{Barrett has been tech support for me throughout our friendship...is the hottest drummer in NYC {le sigh}...has a wealth of musical knowledge  and will make his DJ debut at DISKO just for my birthday!!!}

and of course my partner ....the always hot...always lovely giving New Wave Realness:


So please join us....our little band of DISKO DOLLIES....bringing some fun...some flair...and a lot of DANCING to NY nightlife!!!!!

Dress Code: LETS MAKE THIS ONE GOOD PEOPLE!!! IN HONOR OF ME PUT ON YOUR NITETIME BEST AND BE READY TO DANCE DISKO DOLLIES!!!! i mean you see how i bring it every day!!! Lets show the world that NYC STILL runs the nightlife!!!!!! Some Suggestions include..... Peacock Punks, Femme Fatales, Beat Boys, Dandy Highwaymen,Diamond Dogs, le Goth Classique, Neon Geishas, Ladies in Waiting, Sex
Gang Children, Slinky Vagabonds, Chameleons, Young Sophisticates,
Extraordinary Gentlemen, etc…

                For more information, please visit

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