Wednesday, November 9, 2011

COILHOUSE!!!! {woot}


Go out and buy this NOW!!!

Really...get up...get dressed go to your local magazine store or your local bookstore that may shut down if you don't help support it and BUY THIS MAGAZINE!!! it is a love letter to alternative the most TRUE meaning of that word....ALTERNATIVE...It's well written...well designed...and really there's NOTHING like the feel of an actual magazine in your hands!!! the visceral and primal...the weight....I mean you can just FEEL all the sweat that went into this!!!!! You will stand will sit by a window and sip tea while reading this...and you may even shed a tear {I did!!!}

Thanks Mer and Nadya and all the tireless people who make COILHOUSE happen!!!! I have never been so excited about a magazine EVER!!! {well somtimes the September issue of Vogue Italia gets me crazy but not like THIS!!!}

Now stop reading this and GO GET IT!!!


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