Saturday, November 12, 2011

Antony and the Johnsons:Another World

{So Divine...}

I can\remeber the first time I heard his voice...i was in my friends kitchen and she put a cd on while we had some tea...and suddenly after a few notes I heard this VOICE...i was frozen and transfixed....I asked her who was singing and she smiled and went and got me the cd and as soon as I saw the cover i KNEW I was in love...

I just got  tickets to see Antony {with my friend Micol} at Radio City in January....I am SO looking forward to it....seeing Antony live is a life shattering is startling and heartfelt and transformative....just like singer is.... takes you away to a better world...or at least to  another World for awhile

So here are a few tracksI LOVE....and that i hope YOU enjoy as well...


and a personal favourite "Divine" a song dedicated to one of my favourite actresses EVER!!!!

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