Sunday, October 23, 2011

'...Slim line trousers...Facial powders...."

We tried to fly
                                                                         Is it so high
                                                                    We don't think so
                                                                    We don't think so

                                                                     Are we looked at
                                                                     Are we set back?
                                                                     Can we fake him
                                                                       Emulate him?

                                                                       Time is breaking
                                                                       Changing faking
                                                                       Grind us up now
                                                                      Not too hard now

                                                                    Features so fine
                                                                  Rouge and eyeline
                                                                    Things I fancy
                                                                   Just like Nancy

                                                                       Fashions alter
                                                                        Often falter
                                                                   Crypso's out now
                                                                 No more fights now

                                                                  Make-up's taking
                                                                   Lots of shaving
                                                                   On my eyelash
                                                              You sure it don't clash

                                                                    Slim-line trousers
                                                                      Facial powders
                                                                   flooding my mind
                                                              You sure there's no lines

                                                                   Eye me up now
                                                                 pamper me now
                                                             Please don't pass by


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