Friday, July 15, 2011

Winter in July: Imperial Woodpecker

So its been HOT face melting hot...the exact kind of weather that just melts my brain.....but i heard of this place and just HAD to go....on 7th avenue between 10th and Charles is "Imperial Woodpecker' and they sell what is somewhat of a New orleans treat...the SNOW BALL...its like n italian ice on steriods and reminds me of eating fresh snow...thus the name...soft and sweet and amazingly have 32 flavours to choose froma nd can top it off with either ice cream or condenced milk [which is what I chose!!!} I got "Tigers Blood" which is like a strawberry watermelon peach was exactly waht I needed today...a little slice of winter.....

So i implore you GO!!!!! and go quick because rumour has it this tasty treat will be GONE come September!!!!


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