Sunday, July 10, 2011

DISKO NOUVEAUX July 9th : PUREVILE! x Hi Fi x Patrick

So Last night was DISKO NOUVEAUX's first offical night as a MONTHLY at the gallery at Le Poisson Rouge!!!!  and it was MAJOR!!!!! Me {DJ PUREVILE!}, DJ Hi-Fi Hillary and DJ Patrick kept the crowd dancing ALL NIGHT to some amazing rare selection, remixes and some surprises as well!!! So here in its entirety are all 3 of our set lists....our play order was Me -Hillary- Patrick for all of you are sticklers for continuity.....

....and once again thanks for Patrick and Hillary for tearing the shit UP!!!!! You went above and beyond and really really got the essence of the night and the kind of music that it entails!!!!! You brought the level WAY up!!!!! Let's keep that momentum GOING!!!!! Love  you both!!!!! And to My Shien for creating this with me!!!!! We are finally doing it!!!!!!

New order-Your Silent Face
I'm in Love with a German Film Star-Pasiions
True Love Tales-Anne Clark
No GDM-Gina X
Big in Japan {original}-Alphaville\
the Hurting-Tears for Fears
One of our Submarines-Thomas Dolby
Wanted to tell her-Ministry
Life in Tokyo-Japan
Tell Me Why-Berlin
Love is a Stranger-Eurthmics
Her Body My Soul-OMD
Sound of the Crowd-Human League
Kiss Me-Stephen Duffy
Bedsitter {Manhattan Clique Rmix}-Soft Cell
Opportunities{Let's Make Lots of Money}- Pet Shop Boys
Nobodies Diary{Andy Bell JC remix}-Yaz
No1 Song in Heaven,Part2-Sparks
Church of the Poision Mind{Budgie Man Electro Mix}-Culture Club
My Heart Goes Bang {get me to the Doctor}-Dead or Alive
Reflex{Dance mix}-Dura Duran
Living in Oblivion-Anything Box
Boys say GO!-Depeche mode
Pretty Boys-Book of Love
How to be a Millionaire-ABC
Pull Up to the Bumper-Grace Jones
Nasty Girl-Vanity 6
Cccccan't You See- Viciouc Pink
Beg Your pardon-Kon Kan
Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight-Domiatrix
Ride a White Horse-Goldfrapp


Dancing with tears in my eyes-Ultravox


Eurythmics – 1984
King – Won’t You Hold My Hand Now
Kindest Lines – Strange Birds
Fischerspooner – Sweetness
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder – Goodbye Bad Times
Human League – Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Heaven 17 – Temptation
Yaz – Goodbye ’70s
Depeche Mode – New Life
Duran Duran – Sound Of Thunder
Mick Ronson – Only After Dark
Ultravox – The Man Who Dies Every Day
Walker Brothers – Nite Flights
Adam Ant – Don’t Be Square Be There
Bush Tetras – You Can’t Be Funky
John Foxx – Underpass

Spandau Ballet – Highly Strung
Boytronic – You
Blancmange – Blind Vision
Simple Minds – Changeling
Visage – Tar
Gary Numan – Metal
Placebo – 20th Century Boy
The Fixx – Red Skies
Re-Flex – Politics Of Dancing
David Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging
A Flock Of Seagulls – Telecommunication
DAF – Brother Brother
ABC – The Look Of Love
Marilyn – Calling Your Name


Japan- Quiet Life
Devo- Big Mess
Lene Lovich- Lucky Number
Ministry- Same Old Madness
Classix Nouveaux- Guilty
Missing persons- Words
Adam Ant- Desperated but not Serious
Alphaville- Big in Japan
The Cars- Cruiser
Endgames- First and Last for Everything
Bryan Ferry- Kiss and Tell
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Arabian Knights
Frank the Baptist- Falling Stars
Black- Everything's Coming up Roses
Gary Numan- Stormtroopers in Drag
Ultravox- Reap the Wild Wind
Our Daughter's Wedding- Target for Life
Sparks- Pulling Rabbits out of a hat
Belouis Some- Animal Magic (Extended Remix)
Pet Shop Boys- One More Chance ( Original Bobby O version)
Flirts- Jukebox
Robert Hazard- Escalator of Life
Peter Godwin- Images of Heaven
It was one of those amazing nights just like the old days...the REAL good old days...With all kinds of people dancing to AMAZING music with no duds or Dance floor killers...Getting all sweaty and crazy because you cant sit down because every song is SO GREAT......and people having FUN...not dressed up and posing...but dressed up...dressed down and DANCING actually being A PART of the experience!!!!! Even old school people who have seen and done it ALL were having a blast...and REALLY thats what its about...getting out and having fun because if you wanna stand around why even go out!!!!!
..Im so proud of what Shien and I have created....And I hope it continues!!! So come out...every second Saturday of the Month at Le Poisson Rouge!!!!

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