Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daphnie Guinness: the Girl Who Lived in a Tree

With her shock of black and white hair and a Couture collection that would make Patsy and Edina GAG...Daphnie Guinness stole my heart with her amazing style and her hunger for the outrageous and outre'....a true patron of the fashion arts she is the new Isabella Blow...saving her McQueen Collections from being split up to private buyers after Blows death....She has taken the helm of style icon....and made Heiress not such a bad word anymore {Thanks Paris}.....and for someone like me...I do so enjoy seeing all the REAL couture actually being worn by SOMEONE in real life...and I GUESS if t cant be least it's HER....maybe someday she"ll wear PUREVILE!......someday...Until then enjoy these pictures of her in some STUNNING creations....


These last 2 photos are of Guinness at McQueens funeral...A very fitting tribute indeed!!!

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  1. excellent post & great selections of pix! enjoyed it much, thx.