Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mad hatters: Thom Browne RTW FAll 2014

I KNOW im insane but I'm kinda dying over these hats from the new Thom Browne RTW Fall 2014 collection!?!?!? i mean seriously....SERIOUSLY!??!?!?!? 

I know they are ridiculous and Over the Top but come ON!!! they are so finely crafted and just AMAZING!!! I especially like the skeletal "cage" ones.... like the Bear and Elephant.....they are just too well crafted to be denied....

Even the frayed honds-tooth-y suits...in mis matched patterns and tonal greys with a hint of a pleated skirt...I mean....Yes Please!!!! I mean not as a whole...but in pieces and mixed ofcorse......

but the hats are just to magical and ridiculous to deny!!!!


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