Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DORIAN GRAY: ELVIS-BOWIE-KAYVON The Triple Sagittarius Edition!!!!

{It was another insane night at Dorian!!!}

Despite {and in spite of} the cold people turned out {and turned IT OUT} for our very special Birthday celebrations!!!! There was much dancing and merriment...cake and performances....and insane revelry late into the night!!!! All to celebrate the Birthnights of Elvis...Bowie and our very own Spider from Mars...KAYVON ZAND!!!!

I unfortunately didn't write down ALL my sets but heres a little sample of some Glamtastic numbers i spun that night!!!!

See all you Dandies and Dollies next time!!!! And remember GLAM isn't the only excuse to wear glitter!!!!!



Ziggy Stardust: Bauhaus
Brian Eno: Third Uncle
Wheels on Fire: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Funtime: Peter Murphy
20th Century Boy: Placebo
We Are the Boys: Pulp
Major Tom {Coming Home}: Peter Schilling
Fashion: David Bowie
Love is the Drug: Grace Jones
Fame: Duran Duran
White Wedding: Kayvon Zand
Always on my Mind: Pet Shop Boys
Rebel rebel: Dead or Alive
Virgina Plain{Re-Work}: Roxy Music

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