Friday, January 31, 2014

DORIAN GRAY {INCOMPLETE} Set-List{s}: Just Put Your Lips Together and BLOW Edition

Oh Dorian much to answer for!!!! ;)

Ive been bad about writing down my set lists....So I'm going to combine two...One from Last week that has an icy industrial edge inspired by the weather and Mr Michael NoWave....and another from this weeks which is VERY Queer and filled with Genderfuckery!!!!

So hope to see you soon you Dandies and Dollies...and until then remember theres a reason they call it a Blow 'JOB"...


SET ONE: January 22

Unveiling the Secret: Psyche
Young Hearst of Europe: U-Bahn-X
Metal Dance: SPK
Des Hommes: Hard Corps
To HAve and Have Not: Curave
WarsawGhetto: Nitzer Ebb
N Upanja, Ni Strahu: Borghesia
Chineese Black: Neon Judgement
Hallucination generation: Gruesome Twosome
Do You Fear {for your child}: My Life with the thrill Kill Kult
Assimilate: Skinny Puppy
Stigmata: Ministry
Lets Get Physical: Revolting Cocks

SET TWO: Junuary 29

Fear {of the Unknown}: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Sex Dwarf: Soft cell
You: Boytronic
Sweet thing: Yaz
Run From Love {Remix}: Bronski Beat
Girls and Boys: blur
Jet Boy Jet Girl: Elton Motello
Hustle with my Muscle: John Sex
So You think Your a man?: DIVINE
Boy: book of Love
Pleasure Boys: Visage
Geisha Boys and Temple Girls: heaven 17
Electric Barbarella: Duran Duran
Burning Up: Madonna
Jack and Jill Party: Pete Burns

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