Tuesday, December 31, 2013

U Got the LQQK!!!!: A PUREVILE! Dorian Gray outfit retrospective!!!!

{Ok so this is a LITTLE more than self indulgent...but please allow me this moment....}

A few weeks after i lost my job i was in Bryant Park having lunch and i got a call from Kayvon Zand about starting a new night in a few weeks...his idea was something old school NY...Something where freaks of all kinds could come, dress up and dance to music they like...something separate from the usual music of Clublandia that didn't always match the look or the should of those attending....An "alternative" extravaganza in the retro sense of the word filled with Dark Dancey music an people ready to have fun again!!!! He wanted me to be one of the resident DJ's.....

...it really barely took me a moment to reply......and thus began my involvement with "DORAIN GRAY"!!!!!

Ive always been a peacock of sorts and have ALWAYS enjoyed the dressing up to whatever extremes and "going out" let me kind of exploit that and amp it up to a comfortably phantasmagorical level...not becoming someone else but just more ME....SO this was a perfect opportunity to do something i love so much....Turning out a LQQK!!!!!

SO here...in order and pretty much in completion {if i recall correctly} is a chrolological retrospective of my Dorian LQQKS as well as my look from this years BANZAI!!!! as well as a Sharon Needles video release  included because i felt like they were something i was very proud of!!!!

Now at the end of the day its all clothes and clothing and we all know its whats inside that really matters....HOWVER this is a way for me to express who i am inside on the OUTSIDE...another way to release my artistic tendencies...and another way to just HAVE FUN!!!! and really....shoudlnt we ALL try to have a little more FUN!?!?!?

So please enjoy these for what they are...a way for me to express myself and to celebrate the music and the culture that influenced me and made me who i am!!!

heres to next year and to many many more years of clothes and lashes and hats and makeup and fake blood and feathers and yes sometimes GLITTER!!


P.S> all photos are MINE with the exception of a few by Krys Fox  Citizen Chris and Clay Patrick McBride!!!

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