Friday, December 20, 2013

Far, Far From Land : Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

I KNOW everyone and their mother posted this STUNNING photo series...I mean you can almost NEVER go wrong with Tim Walker!!! i mean he is fantasy incarnate and for me every shoot is filled with toe curling ecstasy!!! he is a true visionary and dream maker...and Kristen...i mean PLEASE...lets not even pretend...she is BEAUTY...always has been always will be. THE END{period!}

SO I'm only reposting a few photos because i also wanted to focus on the video they filmed while shooting...its elegant and beautiful...but theres also something dark, sad and claustrophobic about it as well...something foreboding and lonesome in Kristen's face...and her moments so fluid pin such a small space.....

i hope your as entranced as i was!!!


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