Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dorian Grey Setlist: December 4th: Johanna Constantine's GRAND GUIGNOL!!!!

Last week was the celebration of the Birthday of Ms Johanna Constantine!!! Idol, Icon, Muse and Friend Johanna is a constant inspiration and Style icon of seemingly limitless imagination!!! Always something impressive....always something tattered...always, ALWAYS something Westwood....Johanna effortlessly gives you a look without even really giving you one...she just IS a look!!!!

Cake was passed out the the thrashing strains of the Ciricle Jerks...There was much dancing, much merriment and much CAKE!!! As it SHOULD BE!!!! 

i didnt write all my set lists down because it was CRAZY but heres a little taste of the punk flavored celebration!!!

Hope to see you all you Dandies and Dolliesat Dorian gray NEXT WEEK!!!


Set One:

Be a Boy: Gina X
Set Up: the Au Pairs
Suicide a Go-go; Big in Japan
Louis Quatorze: Bow Wow Wow
I Want to be free; Toyah
the Late Mistake: Comateens
Nowhere Girl: B-Movie
Sometimes I Wish: Pink and Black
Performance: Tones on Tail

Set Two:

Grinding Halt: the Cure
What Do I Get?; Buzzcocks
Ready Steady Go!: Generation X
Shot From Both Sides: Magazine
Love in a Void {7"mix}: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Third Uncle: Bauhaus
Eoghties: Killing Joke
Big Mess; Devo
The Things That Dreams are Made Of: Human League
I Travel: Simple Minds
Surrender to a Stranger: Soft Cell
A Little Death to Laugh: COld cave
End of days: Light Asylum 

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