Thursday, September 12, 2013

PUREVILE! x DORIAN GRAY x FASHION WEEK = "Lonely in My Nightmare"

{My Life}

Its still all a blur...i remember sweating a lot and grabbing people to put pieces on...i remember tying things to people hair accidentally and a lot of quick flashes of boys fan fell out the window.... we only had like 2 wardrobe malfunctions and then like a flash it was all over...or so it seemed...and i was left excited but deflated...the moment gone as fast as it started....

I had been working on ALOT of new pieces so it seemed natural to show them at Dorian Gray for Fashion Week...i don't work within the traditional fashion system...hell I've never even BEEN to a "real" fashion show in my whole life!!! But this is so much more me that scene in "Liquid Sky" or something...beautiful make up smeared people and strange music and clothing...thats the alley I'M up!!!!

SO i frantically gathered some friends and fiends and even literally grabbed a boy from the crowd and threw him in one of my jocks {thanks Gerrold for procuring him!!!} and tried to sew together a semi coherent melange of my nightmares....

SO for all who came thank you...and for everyones constant support thank you as well..sometimes it just feels like i toil away in my hot little kitchen and make these strange things that only i like!!! SO its ALWAYS nice to hear a little feedback...and yes praise as well!!!! 

To all the models Thank you!!! To KAyvon and Anna for their vision of this all the Dandies and Darlings who came and all of you who always support me!!! Thank you so much and i hope you enjoy what I've created!!!!!

I don't usually have "Season' or things like that...but in my head i was calling this collection "Lonely in My Nightmare" I hope you enjoy!!!!


{This was the song we walked to so please play it while you peruse to get the full effect!!!}

Kristen wears a wool cape with feather trim and a wooden articulated hand headband with kitchen knife and velvet bow with doll eye

Elena wears a ruffled shoulderpiece uilt on a vintage childs football sholderpads made from ruffled vintage fabric including a pair of vintage 40's linen knickers as well as a baby doll head and a glow in the dark rosary and two different vintage dental pieces as well as a vintage doll eyepatch

Stella Rose wears a collar made from a vintage decaying pleated dress remnant, a vintage doily and pearl choker, a double antler necklace covered in vintage lace with a hand crouched spider web as well as a vintage frame containing a paper wasps nest collected by me from my par tens garage in Long Island NY..she also has a vintage fur purse with an antler handle

Brandy Hellcat Noir wears a vintage lace cape made from a dress remnant with victorian bead trim and ribbon closures...she also has on a rib bone chest piece and both an eyepatch and ring in the "Urchin" style made from stiffened felt!! 

Gerrold wears a Vintage mink shoulder piece attached to what i THINK may be a piece of a horses bridal remade into a harness with a fox skull covered in Victorian beaded trim as well as hanging chains...he also wears a brass cuff with a pheasant wing and gold spikes...and a custom made "Mickey Mouse Ears" hat covered in glitter with a spiked "mow hawk"

Severly Mame wears a custom plaid empire waisted, assymetrical hemmed dress with pinstriped mens shirt underlay...with a vintage doily collare embellished with vintage crystal pieces and a plastic human jawbone...she also has a bone handled purse with a bone closure as well as a lace hear shaped eye-patch with small jaw bone embellishments

Dylan wears a Vintage monkey fur sleeve harness with Victorian scary tie in the from as well as a Plastic spiked collar with lace trim and feathers and a chain belt made from deer rib bones

Rebecca wears an asymmetrical one sided mourning coat with ruffled shoulder and a silk scarf with a mannequin hand closure with Victorian trimmings and embellishments...her hat is a custom made mini top hat with baby doll who is ALSO sporting a top hat as well as an eye patch!!!

this lovely boy we stole from the dance floor {who's name escapes me , which i JUST found out is Jordan!!!} is wearing one of my anthropomorphic jockstraps {the deer}...and also a pheasant wing spiked brass collar and a spiked necklace just so he wouldn't be TOTALLY naked....

And last but NEVER least.. Johanna is a vision in ghostly white...wearing a brass antler collar as a headpiece and a double antler necklace embellished with brass flowers as well as a brass chain from a vintage chandelier!!! Meathooks provided by the woman herself...naturally....

So THAT my dears brings us to "The End" {sorry...couldn't resist!!!!} i hope you enjoyed what you saw and if anything intreset you PLEASE contact me and check my easy and website as well!!! i have MANY new things coming and hopefully a new show coming in October just in time for HALLOWEEN!!!!


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