Thursday, September 5, 2013

DORIAN GRAY: The "Gnome Threeway" or "Kimono? I Hardly Even Know You" Edition

{Holy SHIT...It happened AGAIN....}

i mean really...week after week things at Dorian Gray just get more and more insane...This week was filled with skin sin and waves of dead girls....and boys boys boys!!! Some of my favorite people were there tonight....Two of which ill call lovely friend Micol who's birthday it was...she is someone who is SO close to me...a pal and a confidant if you'll allow me to plagiarize for a moment...Im so glad she came out on her birthday and wrapped herself deftly in a beautiful Kimono!!!! Also my lovely friend Krys Fox...whom i have been collaboration with a lot lately but who has also grown to be a close friend as well.... Seeing friends faces always make the night more magical....

I think this week i also had the most fun I've had at a Dorian YET!!! Maybe it was my friends or a certain energy...maybe it was the crispness of the air and the sense of cooler weather coming....but i don't know it just felt magical...

And on the way home Krys said something so beautiful and poignant to me....he told me his favorite part of the night was seeing me dancing and looking so happy...knowing what a shit week i had had he was nothing less than delighted to see someone he loves up on a platform dancing as if his life depended on it and smiling....and really REALLY thats what this is about...thats what Dorian is about...somewhere for us to be ourselves whomever that is...and getting up and DANCING!!!!

So today you guys get a TWOFER because i forgot to post last weeks set list ill post them BOTH here!!!! Lucky Lucky Dollies!!!

So Thank you to all the usual suspects..Kayvona nd Anna for being the ringleaders of this demoted circus...for Johanna and fellow residents...for Mandana and for Patrick for being a wonderful guest!!!! For the Lovely DJ's from the Triton Festival this weekend!!! To Veritee and Muffin for the fabulous installation downstairs in the Chaple...for all my wonderful friends who i love dearly and all of you...the Dandies and Dollies for being there and making this all possible!!!

Love to you all...and until next week...keep those portraits safe in your attics!!!!




Other Voices: the Cure
Here are the Roses: Dragons
Sabres: For Against
London: Exploding Boy
Second Skin: the Chamelons
the Killing Moon: Echo & the Bunnymen
Ynder the Milky Way: the Church
All Night Long: Peter Murphy
Watch me Bleed: tears for Fears
Blind Hearts: Xymox
Bruises: Gene Loves Jezebel
Isolation: Joy Division
Coitus Interruptus: Fad Gadget
Give it to Her: Ipso Facto
Gloves: Horrors


Go! Tones on Tail
Nemesis: Shriekback
{its not me} Talking: Flock of Seagulls
All Stood Still: Ultravox
Cars {premier mix}: Gary Numan
Quiet Life: Japan
Penthouse and Pavement: Heaven 17
Pleasure Boys: Visage
Luxury: Frank Tovey


Night People: Human League
Sex Dwarf{the Grid Mix}: Soft Cell
Just let Go: Fisherspooner
Snakes: Ford Lopatin and Shannon from Light Asylum
You Belong: Hercules and Love Affair featuring Antony Heagerty
Bloodsport: Sneaker Pimps




real Goths: Mode Moderne
Love COmes Close: Cold Cave
Change: Tears for Fears
Lie to EM: Depeche Mode
the Cutter: Echo and the Bunnymen
Transmission: Joy Division
Primary: the Cure
Christian Says: tones on Tail
St Vitus Dance: Bauhaus
Romeos Distress: Christian Death
Pagan Love Song: Virgin Prunes
Sex Beat: Sex Beat
Revenge: Misnistry
Heaven is Waiting: Danse Society
a Million Things: Xymox


Peek-a-Boo: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Cruel Summer: Azar Swan
The Things That Dreams Are Made of: human League
Space Age Love Song: Flock of Seagulls
Goodbye Seventies: Yaz
Temptation: Heaven 17
Secret {Extended mix}: OMD
Why?: Bronski Beat


Not in Love {Robert Smith}: Crystal Castles
Shellshock: New Order
Domino Dancing: Pet SHop Boys
Brand New Lover: Dead or  Alive
Give me Your NAme: Dossier
Kiss Me: Stephen Duffy
How to be a Millionaire: ABC
Pull up to the Bumper: Grace Jones


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